“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,
then they fight you, then you win.” - Mahatma Gandhi!

Ananya MultiTech Private Limited, formerly "Panini Technologies", "Illusion Dynamics", "Mimansa InfoTech Private Limited" & "Ananya InfoTech" was initiated as business process in 1999 by Vinay Samant. Being 1st generation entrepreneur investment & finance was always a problem. Still many unique ideas, firm belief & consistency kept the spark live.

It started in 1998 when Hon. Babamama, Consultant to Ananya Group conducted his 1st session on "Difference Between Opportunity & Strength". The essence of that knowledge can be expressed in 1 stanza of ज्ञानेश्वरी :
सुखी संतोषा न यावे| दु:खी विषादा न भजावे| लाभालाभ न धरावे| मनामाजी||
एथ विजय होइल| की सर्वथा देह जाइल| हे अाधीची कां पुढील| चिंतावेना||
अापणयां उचीता| स्वधर्मातेंची रहाटता| जे पावे ते निवांता| साहोनी जावे||
ऐसेया मनें होअावे| तरी दोष न घडू स्वभावे| म्हणोनी अतां झुंजावे| निभ्रांत तुवां||
ज्ञानेश्वरी अध्याय २, अोवी २२६-२२९.
Since then we are trying to follow his concepts of "Karma", "Identity", "Excellence" & "Service". read more...

Formerly known as "Illussion Dynamics" we started our career in "Process Optimization Techniques" & "Data Transfer" related jobs. We had hands on experience on 80,00,000 land records of Florida County, USA for digital archiving. Since then we have handled many professional data transfer & process optimization jobs successfully. We are expert in retrieving & transferring data from FoxPro, DBase, Access, Excel, Text Files, XML, HTML pages/tables etc. So your data might be residing anywhere, just let us know…

Sameer Athavale joined Ananya Group in 2006. That was time when we engineered & explored a concept called "SocioProfessional Enterprise". The 1st product of that concept was "Energy Economiser".

Working on fundamental guidelines of Hon. Mahatma Gandhi, 'Simplify & avail high-end, result oriented technology to the service of common man', Ananya Group is known for :

  • Pioneer in Software on Rental Basis : Unique Pay As You Use Model. India's #1 MLM Software & Service Provider having 650+ online clients.
  • Pioneer in SMS Alerts & Payment Gateway Integration [1st implementation in 2005] for MLMs
  • 1st Residential Electrical Power Saver – Dombivali Pattern : Saving 2,50,000 Units of India Every Day.
  • Israel Based 4 Way Treatment : Revolutionary Indigenous Product of Israel’s Agewise Agricultural Tecnology. 100% Government Certified Organic product that can increase agricultural yield of a farmer upto twice.

Ananya Group is currently involved in 3 diversified fields : Software Development, Energy Conservation and Organic Agriculture. We believe education is another effective medium to build society, as better place to live. Promoters of Ananya MultiTech will soon enter field of "Industry Oriented Education".

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