“The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problem.” - Gandhijee!

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We Don't Sale Software! (Know Why...)

At Ananya MultiTech, we strongly believe that software is not like table or chair, which can be tailored as per single page, one time specification. Software development if ever-evolving process comprising combination of many technologies to accomplish real time online experience! Enterprise solution is not million lines of code but a precise consulting coupled with multifold software tools customized to suit specific user requirements and to assure desired functionality. We call it "Compromise@Nothing".

Why Consulting is So Vital?? :

  • Limited IT skills within organization : This is the most serious issue faced by most of the institutions that they are dependent on IT skill set & knowledge base of administrative employees. Admin employees possess limited knowledge relevant to accounts or general administration, gained out of limited exposure courses like MSCIT or Tally. Dependency on such expertise(?) lead you to legacy systems with limited compatibility compromised growth.
  • Limited management skills : Majority of Owner driven organizations face this problem. The owners or promoters are generally very sound in technology or personalized services but ignorant to professional management. Limited exposure to professional IT tools and over/under estimation of cost generally leads to fear and confusion, ultimately resulting in chaos?
  • Limited enterprise view : Running and organization involves many aspects [other than just billing and taxation] like inventory, customer relationship, establishment, human resource management, resource availability management etc. There are many software tools available to suit individual requirements but there is no tool which involves all these at a same time. Thus even after having IT enabled setup, organizations fail to achieve professional conduct.
  • Limited capital base : Organizations generally assume (or convinced) that advanced technology [like CMS web-hosting, SMS, payment gateways] will be very costly and will involve hardware up-gradation, highly paid skilled operators, support team etc. This fear acts well to keep them away from good IT technology. Another limitation is budget or ignorance.

So if you don't know why, where and how much to spend then you never start it ever. Hence we build business model of Ananya MultiTech on consulting. Therefore WE DO NOT SALE SOFTWARE! We never show you any readymade softwares and presentations. We talk to people, interview them and try to analyze actual requirement. Then we build IT model to ensure delivery of only desired facilities coupled with extra ordinary highend technology. Support is another integral part of our service which comes included and never charged extra! Thus every of our solution is specific and unique.

Read story of bringing 120 Centers of "Madhavbaug SaneCare" online...

Free & OpenSource Softwares (FOSS)

Our experience says "Price Does Matter". When one can get something for free then why not??"

We have seen companies spending huge money, designing professional looking(?) website. Additionally they hire web-programming companies to build their online shops or interactive applications. Then they appoint in-house web-developers to update this site regularly & maintain it. They also spend lot of money in Search Engine Optimization. And even after all this more than 80% projects are messed up. Analyzing this, we realized a basic fact behind this is, you are not given enough options!

What if you can try some of these designs, applications for FREE and then choose???
What if you can select from array of choices like switching buttons ON & OFF???


A revolutionary trend called "Open Source" started few years back this and became highly popular. It initiated many ambitious projects out of which some gained extremely appreciable existance. Linux, Ubuntu, Open Office, Apache, Mozilla, php, MySQL are few such popular names which gained worldwide popularity. Research & Development team of Ananya MultiTech keep an eye on such open source technologies. These technologies are free for download and commercial use. Combnation of such technologies with some local customisation and some tailormade applications can give you unbelivable online experience. CMS : Content Management System is one such technology, we will talk about...

Have you noticed that last 'S' from FOSS??
FOSS stands for "Free and Opensource Softwares with Support".
Growing 12 years with IT, Ananya MultiTech built a pool of reliable services backed with robust infrastructure and support team...

CMS Joomla : Good looking and timely updated site is key factor in growth of any organization. Universally Joomla is developer’s 1st choice for developing professional looking websites with dynamic content management. Generally when a dynamic website or classy flash website cost above ₹ 1,50,000, a good Joomla template comes around ₹ 15,000. We offer Complete Joomla Customization along with hosting & support in just ₹ 50,000. You can choose from 100s of designs and try your fingers on variety of customizations to suit your requirements. And if you still find something missing then our team of Joomla Experts tailor such feature for you in just no time. "Customer Satisfaction is the Key" & we mean it! Showcase!

Shopping Cart : Just like Joomla, ZenCart is a famous feature-rich shopping cart with dynamic product presentation, pricing structure, scheme management, online user registration etc. ZenCart allows all features of any professional shopping cart and user customizable environment. Customized shopping cart with classy design may cost you around ₹ 5,00,000++ depending upon features where as ZenCart template comes around ₹ 12,000. Just like Joomla, we offer ZenCart Implementation along with hosting & support in just ₹ 50,000. Showcase

Personalized Blog is personal page created for promoting personal services, products or brand. This is like personal home page where one can also share their personal opinions with world, create stories & events etc. people all over world can get associated with you and discuss and comment online. This can be further integrated with facebook and twitter to gain more readers. Live interaction with people all over world leads to popularity and brand building which can be converted to business in future. This not only brings you customers but can also make you meet like minded people where you can share your ideas and build associations world-wide. Now days people like Anna Hajare, Amitabh Bacchan, Ratan Tata, many celebrities, politicians, intellectuals have their own blogs and they regularly interact with people. We provide you WordPress based customizable blog with support to offer your own services/interactions.

You can also include professional Payment Gateway in your website. Ananya MultiTech in association with Times Money offers you, your very own shopping cart with implementation and testing in just additional ₹ 25000. Ananya MultiTech can help you save your precious money in licensing charges by offering you alternatives in FOSS. Talk to us before you build your next IT infrastructure.

Ananya MultiTech is India?s 1st End2End IT Vendor that can provide you all IT Enabled Services like CMS, Shopping Cart, SEO, CRM, Shortcode, SMS & Payment Gateway, Domain Registration, Website Hosting, Server Administration, Data Security & Transfer, Digital Archiving, E-Wallet, Coupon System, Customized Software Development & Implementation under one roof...

Ananya MultiTech started its career in Process Optimization Techniques & Data Transfer related jobs. We had hands on experience on 80,00,000 land records of Florida County, USA for digital archiving. Since then we have handled many verticls successfully. We are expert in transferring your data from FoxPro, DBase, Access, Excel, Text Files, XML, HTML pages/tables etc. So your data might be residing anywhere, we will bring it to professional systems, just leave it to us…

Promoters of Ananya MultiTech possess 12 years long IT experience right from desktop applications to mission critical web-applications. We have pool of professionals in Linux, Apache, MySQL & php [LAMP] who can handle any customized application as per requirement of client & implement it with MVC of Joomla like CMS. This gives you uniform feel all over website.

Ananya MultiTech is an established Domain Registrar. When we register a domain for you then it gets available to all ISPs all over the world within 15 minutes & you are ready go online. You don?t have to wait 48 hours for registries to get updated!

Ananya MultiTech is India's 1st Green Hosting Provider. We use only green energy for all our servers & devices. The electricity is fetched from solar & wind panels contributing to greener earth. Servers are on remote RAID backup for disaster management.

Ananya MultiTech has automated systems [digibots] which keep monitoring our servers, gateways & systems for viruses, attacks & conjunction. Our technical teams are alert 24X7 to make sure that your system is running and you can sleep calmly!

Fresh Ideas & Cutting Edge Technologies : Keys to Success!

Payment Gateway : Any web application is incomplete without money collection services. On the spot money collection is key factor in entire sales process. Ananya MultiTech was ICICI?s 1st Gateway Integration Partner in year 2004-05 for MLM companies. We are integrating many online sites with payment gateways allowing online shopping/money collection for our clients. We have developed professional automated routines for payment collection, tracking & refunds. No registraion of DLLs required, no security deposits & no hassels! Just signup and start your online collection.

SMS Gateway : Mobiles have become integral part of every human being. People are pretty reluctant to PCs but highly conversant with mobile devices. Not only they use it but also they are involved with its features and inclined to learn. SMS is very basic, platform independent, commonly known, highly used & extremely cheap feature of cell phones. Ananya MultiTech SMS gateways provide you transactional SMS @₹0.15 that are TRAI approved and delivered even on DnD roots within 120 seconds. Spending just ₹ 15000 per year can make your organization a highly professional organization with SMS alerts keeping every one and every thing on track!

And most interesting part : we don't charge you for integration!*
*we dont sale software.. remember??

Short Code : It becomes very difficult to remember web address or email address or phone number when we just pass by an advertisement. To overcome this, mobile technology provided 5 digit code on which we can send SMS and get registered. For eg. one can send SMS like "SANECARE" or "SIENS" to 56767. We collect these SMS and provide you with professional tracking software. You can get in touch with these clients and keep track of interaction. This can be further elaborated for services or products, internal reporting, sales, stock position etc. so on. Our applications & services has this facility bundled for free. If you want to avail this independently then feel free to contact us today...

E-Wallet & Coupon Systems with mission critical security and responsibility was 1st built in 2006 and in practice since then. Things improved as time changed and systems grew. Now we have SMS alert based E-Wallet architecture that works like parallel currency for you. Coupon systems also allow collecting funds in advance and using it only if they are redeemed. And our automated digi-bots takes care of all hacking, duplication, piracy etc. So you can focus on your schemes & customer and we will take care of the rest.

An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching. - Gandhijee!

Resource Planner Suit for Wellness, Rehabiliation, Fitness Industry
Health and wellness is the very important aspect of healthy society. Stressful lifestyle & polluted surroundings has considerable impact on our health. Hence Rehabilitation Centers are vital constituent of society. Unfortunately people working in this sector don't have enough management tools. IT companies developed many serious applications for industries like manufacturing, hospitality, telecom, infra and even hospitals. But this particular sector always remained ignored. Ananya MultiTech is putting all their experience for the service of this sector which is doing such noble work…
ENiyantran is a 1st of it's own kind of RRP viz. Rehabilitation Resource Planner. It is a combination of multiple components to provide "Enterprise Solution" for "Professional Therapists" & "Wellness Institutions". These are pluggable components, which can be added/removed as per requirement. You don’t have to pay for complete software at once. You can choose independent components and pay as per selection. This not only saves a lot of your money but also avoids unwanted long learning curve around irrelavant features. more>>>

Enterprise Resource Planner for MLMs

Ananya Infotech was part of MLM Industry since year 2000 by means of consulting. We use to design simulation softwares for plan calculations of complex binary plans. Slowly we entered mainstream of MLM Softwares. Our 1st prestigious client viz. Approach MultiTrade Private Limited was a giant MLM company in Marathwada region having 35 franchisees all over Maharashtra with downline of 18,000+ people within just span of 6 months.

Our MLM ERP is a complete solution comprising of Downline Management Software, Inventory + Accounts, Javascript Based Largest Downline Tree, SMS & Payment Gateway Integrated. The software has "Reverse Disbursement" inbuilt by means of which upline receives comission as soon as someone joins the network. This very unique feature coupled with SMS Alerts helps MLMs to build and persist interest of networkers.more>>>

Sales Force Automation for Pharmaceutical Companies

Tour Plan & Daily Call Report monitoring is the key marketing concept for Indian Pharma Companies. Though there are some softwares available currently, hardly few support mobile & tab technology. Mobiles & Android have been so revolutionary that we have 78% Tele Density in India & 92,00,00,000 People using mobiles. Our application is well supported on Android Phones enabling you to report online using mobiles.

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